Monday, May 7, 2012

The Ufone Ghanta Package Can Go Straight To Hell

I never thought I’d hate Ufone this much.. My tragic story… :(
Err… so I was like having this real nice time tweeting from my phone & checking out some pretty funny hashtags when suddenly my phone started ringing. I so wasn’t expecting any calls at 11:00 P.M so it kind’a teensy weensy tiny bit startled me. It was my one of my aunties. I thought, why is she calling me? :s Got a little confuzzled, dragged my thoughts out of the twitter world & picked up the phone. And being on my best of my behaviour, I uttered, “Asslamoalikum, aunty. Kesi hain?” …and after le typical exchange of greetings, she told me she called on my no. because (unfortunately) she had the same phone network as me and that she had subscribed this “Ghanta package” so that she could gossip the night away with my mom.
Those words… they fell upon me like a thunderbolt (oh well, dramatic much) No but seriously, that basically meant I won’t be using my phone for one whole hour ‘cause ofcourse it’d be with my mum. Ahh, so I faked a happy reply in return, like “Yayyy, one whole hour.. that’s great isn’t it greeeeeeeeeeeeatttt”
Here mum, someone wants to talk to you!! From the inside, I was like.. Die Ufone Die!!
Things to do: get my mom a UFONE sim. 

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