Monday, June 29, 2015

Love Story

“She is mine and mine only. Not sharing her with the universe.”

These words hit me when I heard them coming from a friend, who, very recently, has become a father and was talking about his little girl. Fatherhood can be overwhelming but the happiness I could witness in his voice was priceless. I couldn’t help but think how my father would have felt about his very first child. It’s amazing how fathers protect you with an unconditional love. I have always seen this beautifully uncanny relationship between fathers and daughters. It’s all because of their absolute love that the daughters love them back with a mutual feeling. But no matter how hard we try, we can never level up with the care they bestow on us. I get upset when I see the children betraying, deceiving, or using harsh words for their parents. These are the times when I want to take them back to the point when they came into this world and had the protective arms of their mothers and fathers around them. My father always says that the love between the parents and their children is a one-way traffic. He says it doesn’t take long for the children to forget everything their parents have done for them. This is a sad reality. But it never lessens the love our parents have for us. I claim to love my parents more than anything else but I know their love can never be requited by me the same way they have always loved me. But at least I can try to minimize their grievances. Unconditional love is a beautifully natural thing that I believe only parents can acquire for their children.

My friend’s one simple sentence saturated with his sincere emotions has made this love story of his one of my favorites.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sewn Up

The words in your heart must not be left to wander, they must not be left to go awry. They like living in the hearts, not on the lips of people. Your words are not stray entities, they have your heart to dwell in.

I've let these lips of mine speak up when they had every right to stay quiet and now I'm paying back for all those times when I opened them up to let my words flow out. What actually failed me is the fact that when I made my words flow out, I wanted them to go and stay at a better home than my heart but unfortunately, they never got invited for staying anywhere. The idea that a heart other than mine could take better care of these words is now ridiculing me, with its laugh echoing in my heart and jabbing in my mind. I never realized that I was making these words homeless. I failed to see nobody is kind enough to provide them a shelter. They always keep my words on their lips, never in their hearts, drifting them away at random directions.

Opening up your lips is so easy but it takes a lot of strength to seal them and I have sealed mine for I know they have made too many of my precious words homeless. I know the current state I'm in is nothing but the curse these words have put on me for they are now bereft of a home after having the luxury of residing in a mansion once. So I've decided to take care of my words. I'll let my heart be their eternal abode from now on.

I've realized that these words have a natural habitat and it isn't the lips but the heart.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


The darkest and gloomiest edges of my existence found you and shared with you my darkest, gloomiest and murkiest self. It showed you all of the contusions, all of the scars, all of the wounds of my soul and let you put the healing balm on them to watch the flowers bloom on my wounds.

But to my shock and horror, you scratched them even more by displaying them out to the ruthless world without thinking twice. You displayed myself to people, making me believe that my first and only try at trusting people was the biggest fallacy of my existence. Now I shiver with terror whenever someone wants to take a peak on these wounds because the memory of what you did to them is too thick to leave me. The distrust is an obstinate phenomenon and it won't leave me no matter how hard I try. You couldn't grow the flowers on my wounds but the lesson you taught me about the distrustful nature of human beings would remain with me forever.