Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Relating Life

On a mid July summer day, with an anticipation of getting welcomed by an unbearable blow of heat, as I brought myself under the summer sky, I was astonished to get welcomed by a delightful blow of cool breeze instead. I started collecting the dried clothes from the clothesline with my freshly washed hair getting hugged by the gentle wind under the July’s scorching sun. I realized that for a mid July summer afternoon, surprisingly it felt acceptable, even if for a few moments, to be in the sun. Although the big shiny round sun on a hot dry day didn't fail to show its presence by showering down its afternoon heat, the cool breeze actually made it bearable for me to continue doing my chores.

And, although for a very brief moment of time, it felt okay to stand under the sun.

I could relate the weather to my life a lot at that moment.