Saturday, May 31, 2014


So what does rain do to you?

Nothing. It just..
It's worth watching. Just the sight of dry earth getting wet by the drops of rain. The sound of little drops drumming on the doors and windows. The sky carrying smokey clouds opening themselves up and letting the rain water down. All of it is worth noticing, no? Worth having to feel something. Stepping outdoor and getting received by a rainy weather just makes me feel better. Rain is just water but the ambiance that it brings along with it, the feeling of cold breeze tickling your face is genuine and seeing everything getting washed by rain is something. It sometimes washes away my sorrows, my worries. And sometimes, it washes me with all the sorrows and worries of the world, drenching me in sadness. Sometimes it takes all the worries away from me while other times it gets the sadness pelt down upon me. This is what rain does to me. And I continue to like it. Rain is beautiful and beauty should always be appreciated. Rain rejuvenates life. Rain makes me think. Rain is happiness. Rain is sadness. It is a departed, lonesome entity that leaves its home and brings itself down to earth. This is what rain is. And it has an effect on me.

So is that what rain does to you? It makes you feel both happy and sad?

It just..
It just sheds the numbness of my feelings. It just..
It makes me feel. And that, dear human, is what matters.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's Walk

You like my shoes? Here, try them on. Walk in my shoes, my dear. Are they too tight or are they loose? Do they seem the perfect size for you? Alright then, walk on in them. Walk a mile in my shoes while I stand here and wait for you to return. Wear these shoes and tread on that green carpet of, what you believe is, grass. That is not grass, my dear. That is swamp. Go on, take a step. Before you label me with your judgement, just take a single step in my shoe. Step forward, go get to that hill, whose tip is hidden in the clouds. You want to climb up to that tip? Sure. Just a piece of advice, you'd never get to the tip because the tip is just not there. I have been searching for it, too. Do you want to search for it with me? No? That's okay. Why are you not moving? I really want you to see how much at ease do you think I am while I walk on in them. Please, my dear, take a single step only. Do you want to go over there? Over to that pathway bracketed by big shadowy trees? Do you see how this path is slithering its way into the dark? It does seem like a very inviting path, doesn't it? Want to see where is it leading to? Yeah, I did get curious over what lies beyond this path, too, when I first saw it. Then I let the curiosity get the better of me by following this path's lead. You say you want me to tell you what did I find there? Are you sure you don't want to see it for yourself? Well, wise decision, my dear, because when I ventured on this path, I found myself in the dark. This path leads you into the dark.. so dark, that you start doubting if your eyes ever saw the light. I'm used to living in the dark so I managed to get out. You may find it strange, but I did quite like it there. But I see you don't want to go there, too. No problem. So where do you want to go, then?

Oh but you're putting them off. You're putting off my shoes! But you didn't even take a single step in them. Where are you going? Why are you not listening? I just wanted us to walk down this path together. Turn around, my dear. Oh well, I must stop speaking now because you don't seem to be listening.

Bon voyage!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Did I ever tell you that I love fireworks? Well, I love fireworks, you see. I don’t know when or how I started loving them. It’s been long, as long as I can recall, watching the first ever firework show. When was that? It was when I wasn't old enough to tell the people around me about the happiness that filled me after watching the magnificent display of fireworks in the sky.

It’s beautiful watching fire cracking in the sky. An illuminated spot travelling all the way up to the sky, trailing its fluorescent tail behind it and as it reaches a certain height, it bursts open like a bud turning into a flower in a fraction of a second. A flower with its petals turning inside out and then ending up into nothingness. Fireworks are captivating. Once I start watching them, I can't get enough of bursting colours making patterns in the sky. I get happy when I see the opening of the firework bud into a firework flower and every time the firework flower disappears into nothingness, it leaves behind an entailing sadness for disappearing into the vastness of the black sky. Then I want to see more of it. It’s like you start getting addicted to the view and you search the sky for more of it. Your eyes crave for more, you get thirsty for more of this beautiful sight. I love fireworks because they are enchanting. They are magical. They take me away with them in a world where there are only colours and patterns and the muted sound of fire cracking in the sky. I like to see the fireworks displaying in the sky because they make me happy. They are like shooting stars, a whole lot of them. It seems like the stars are falling on you but they disappear in the middle of their way. Do you get sad whenever the fireworks transform into nothingness? I'm helpless. I can't stop loving them or getting sad every time the enthralling firework display ends. Am I making any sense to you? I doubt that. I'm sorry, I'm crazy. But I make perfect sense to myself.

Did I ever tell you about how I love those eyes viewing the firework show? Try watching the eyes of a person watching the fireworks. Try seeing the colours of firework display flaring up in their eyeballs. It's beautiful, I tell you. Fireworks are beautiful. The person watching the fireworks is beautiful. Thinking about how beautiful fireworks are, is beautiful.