Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's Walk

You like my shoes? Here, try them on. Walk in my shoes, my dear. Are they too tight or are they loose? Do they seem the perfect size for you? Alright then, walk on in them. Walk a mile in my shoes while I stand here and wait for you to return. Wear these shoes and tread on that green carpet of, what you believe is, grass. That is not grass, my dear. That is swamp. Go on, take a step. Before you label me with your judgement, just take a single step in my shoe. Step forward, go get to that hill, whose tip is hidden in the clouds. You want to climb up to that tip? Sure. Just a piece of advice, you'd never get to the tip because the tip is just not there. I have been searching for it, too. Do you want to search for it with me? No? That's okay. Why are you not moving? I really want you to see how much at ease do you think I am while I walk on in them. Please, my dear, take a single step only. Do you want to go over there? Over to that pathway bracketed by big shadowy trees? Do you see how this path is slithering its way into the dark? It does seem like a very inviting path, doesn't it? Want to see where is it leading to? Yeah, I did get curious over what lies beyond this path, too, when I first saw it. Then I let the curiosity get the better of me by following this path's lead. You say you want me to tell you what did I find there? Are you sure you don't want to see it for yourself? Well, wise decision, my dear, because when I ventured on this path, I found myself in the dark. This path leads you into the dark.. so dark, that you start doubting if your eyes ever saw the light. I'm used to living in the dark so I managed to get out. You may find it strange, but I did quite like it there. But I see you don't want to go there, too. No problem. So where do you want to go, then?

Oh but you're putting them off. You're putting off my shoes! But you didn't even take a single step in them. Where are you going? Why are you not listening? I just wanted us to walk down this path together. Turn around, my dear. Oh well, I must stop speaking now because you don't seem to be listening.

Bon voyage!


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  2. I understood this post better then I applied it to the situation of me having a performance appraisal discussion with my boss. :p

    Lovely post Yusra :)


    Updated my blog. Do drop by.

  3. That's a good kick to the people who think that we have it all. From far other person's life seems so easy. But no one knows what that person has to got through every passing day. It is so easy for people to write off our hard-work and only look at what all we have. I loved the post! It has been wonderfully expressed.

    1. Oh I forgot to mention that I loved your introduction. It has all that I have desired for long. :)

  4. It remind me of time when people say that studying Xyz is very easy i seriously want to say them that if its so easy for you then why don't you get yourself enrolled for the same

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