Saturday, May 31, 2014


So what does rain do to you?

Nothing. It just..
It's worth watching. Just the sight of dry earth getting wet by the drops of rain. The sound of little drops drumming on the doors and windows. The sky carrying smokey clouds opening themselves up and letting the rain water down. All of it is worth noticing, no? Worth having to feel something. Stepping outdoor and getting received by a rainy weather just makes me feel better. Rain is just water but the ambiance that it brings along with it, the feeling of cold breeze tickling your face is genuine and seeing everything getting washed by rain is something. It sometimes washes away my sorrows, my worries. And sometimes, it washes me with all the sorrows and worries of the world, drenching me in sadness. Sometimes it takes all the worries away from me while other times it gets the sadness pelt down upon me. This is what rain does to me. And I continue to like it. Rain is beautiful and beauty should always be appreciated. Rain rejuvenates life. Rain makes me think. Rain is happiness. Rain is sadness. It is a departed, lonesome entity that leaves its home and brings itself down to earth. This is what rain is. And it has an effect on me.

So is that what rain does to you? It makes you feel both happy and sad?

It just..
It just sheds the numbness of my feelings. It just..
It makes me feel. And that, dear human, is what matters.


  1. Replies
    1. In baarishon se dosti achi nahi Faraz
      Kacha taira makaan hai kuch tou khayal kar

  2. Beautifully put. The rain is truly a marvelous thing, isn't it?

  3. Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!
    You should listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.
    i love it!

  4. Beautiful and fascinating!
    and above all, Rain is a blessing; cherished and understood only by few...and certainly you are one of them :)

  5. Rain brings some respite from scorching heat but its not enough to make me feel happy. Rain is always accompanied with powercuts. It leaves the roads dirty. It makes it impossible to walk down my street without getting stained. Those dark rainy nights always scared me since childhood. No fond memories associated with rain. :(

    Anyway, nice post. :)

  6. so interesting, but not for me, because of some reasons .....................?????? ( i m not guilty of human, just Allah )

  7. The rain is the most beautiful thing I believe.
    Brings in us an all together difference.

  8. If only we'd adhere to things that matter.

  9. It makes me feel sad. Although some people love it I dont.