Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sewn Up

The words in your heart must not be left to wander, they must not be left to go awry. They like living in the hearts, not on the lips of people. Your words are not stray entities, they have your heart to dwell in.

I've let these lips of mine speak up when they had every right to stay quiet and now I'm paying back for all those times when I opened them up to let my words flow out. What actually failed me is the fact that when I made my words flow out, I wanted them to go and stay at a better home than my heart but unfortunately, they never got invited for staying anywhere. The idea that a heart other than mine could take better care of these words is now ridiculing me, with its laugh echoing in my heart and jabbing in my mind. I never realized that I was making these words homeless. I failed to see nobody is kind enough to provide them a shelter. They always keep my words on their lips, never in their hearts, drifting them away at random directions.

Opening up your lips is so easy but it takes a lot of strength to seal them and I have sealed mine for I know they have made too many of my precious words homeless. I know the current state I'm in is nothing but the curse these words have put on me for they are now bereft of a home after having the luxury of residing in a mansion once. So I've decided to take care of my words. I'll let my heart be their eternal abode from now on.

I've realized that these words have a natural habitat and it isn't the lips but the heart.


  1. Nicely written. :)

    The words that once lived in the comfort of the mansion are searching for the next adventure. You set them free to travel the world and find what they are looking for. They might not need a mansion, perhaps just a humble home that lets them felt and understood like you always did.
    The dilemma would persist whether they will find a rightful home where they will be nourished and once their purpose is met, they will be set free again, to inspire someone else.
    P.S. : This is another way to look at it, in my opinion.

    1. You're right. I got a similar feedback from someone else. I think that letting your words out means making yourself vulnerable. It's up to you to decide whether you're ready to face this vulnerability or would you like playing it safe. When a soul is wounded, it probably would go with the latter option.