Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Be My Guest Or Leave Me Alone

I don’t like it when XYZ guests come over to our house. I’m aware that it shouldn’t be my attitude towards any guest coming over, but I can’t really help it. Whenever my mom gets to know that someone’s coming over, the very next thing that comes in her mind is Yusra’ & ‘cleaning up the house’.
My mom wanted me to clean up the house as we were having some guests over. But I told my mum I don’t want to clean the house just because they were coming. I never appreciate them visiting us. I told her I’ll clean it some other time. Not for them but for me (Yeah sounds like a brilliant pretext, No?) But well, she said she didn’t like my attitude (I was damn sure she’d say that in response to my justifiably assertive behavior) Further she went on & told me that if someone comes to our house, we should never make them feel un-invited. We should make them feel special.
Well, that’s the only reason I keep TOLERATING their existence in our house.
JUST because my mom said so.
But it’s frustrating, I tell you. It’s frustrating when your usual routine messes up with the arrival of just a certain someone.
I have to endure the pain… So much pain.
It’s maddening when you can’t watch your favorite show because ‘the guests’ have to watch something else on T.V. Or when you’re listening to you favorite music& they suddenly show up from somewhere & tell you they don’t like that kind of music so they want you to swap it with ‘their’ favorite music. It’s thwarting when you can’t eat your munchies around the house without sharing with them. Like you usually eat, during normal days, when your house is “un-guestified”. Because for some reason it feels awkward when your guests are just sitting there looking at you while you shove the munchies down your pie-hole. So you have to get up and share it with them. Which is one hell of a psychotic sufferance for me as I hate sharing. It’s intensely enraging when you’re watching something on TV & they kick off a discussion over that T.V show with their voices so loud that practically veils the voices coming from the T.V & you can’t help but listen to their irky talk, which actually turns out to be a protest on how kids these days never watch anything useful on T.V. & that discussion goes on for so long that your show ends up & you get up and walk out from that room but their debate never seems to catch the end point so they keep on talking about it. This is kind of obtruding, No? You like your shows, I like mine. What’s the big deal? But then again you can’t tell them to shut up because they are, oh well, the guests.
Ok one thing, for the record, if guests want us to give them their full rights, they should also identify their obligations in return. So they must know that their most important obligation as a guest is to “Live As A Guest” because they don’t own the host’s house.
Do not interfere. Mind your own business. Don’t creep into our lives. If you are a guest, live here as a guest. I’d never go to someone’s house & tell them I don’t like what they are watching on the T.V. Because it’s their house, not mine. They can watch whatever they want.
Don’t be a nuisance. Be a tolerable guest.
Also when you just don’t want to spend time with them, you literally find yourself locking up inside your room. But when you have to face them again at dinner or lunch, the first thing they say is “Ye to nazar he nae ati. Sara din kamre me band rehti hai” That’s the very moment when I literally want to scream,“When I sit with you, you make me feel like running away. You’re always talking sh!t about my likes. Why would I want to spend my time with you? You guys are nothing but repelling personalities!!!
But instead, I take control over myself, conceal my feelings, bury the urge to scream deep down inside and fake a smile so that they don’t think I’m rude…
Why oh why?!? Why do I have to be so nice to people? This very question raises in my head every single day. Never get an answer back though.
..oh & what’s even worse, the guests who come over at your place with no plans of going back to their houses in their mind. Well that just kills me. How can anyone be so thoughtless? It’s strange how they don’t even get the idea that the more they stay at someone’s house, the more uninvited their existence becomes & it makes others’ lives miserable. Well, actually we don’t let them grasp ‘the idea’ because we’re always being super nice to them.
I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way about them. While writing this, I feel like I’m a bad, bad antisocial person which I’m oh so totally NOT. So this kind of proves one thing. You are never born bad. Situations & people around you make you a bad person. Because I know, I’m one hell of a social butterfly. Always chattering with people. Giving them a real good company. But some people, well they just drain my energy, make me feel enervated.
….like the type of guests portrayed above. I hope they don’t read it though.
P.S. Hey, Wanna come over to my place? We’ll party hard!!!


  1. "Hey, Wanna come over to my place? We’ll party hard!!!"
    Haha. After reading all your bottled-up rage and anger about some guests...I'll just stay away from your place. =p

    On a serious note, I totally understand what you are talking about. Some guests are such a nuisance. Especially those who forget that their hosts have a life too and they need to get back to it. Hate chipkooo guests. Nowadays, if you have been to someone's place for about an hour without an invitation, then that's way more than enough and you should be thankful to your host they took out so much time for your uninvited self.

  2. Haha, Oh if you are also one of 'em nuisance clingy guests, you know you gotta stay away! :P

    I could seriously not agree more with you.
    Guests are cool. I just don't want'em to interfere.
    ..or to be clingy.