Wednesday, May 9, 2012

From The Diary Of A Useless Gentlewoman

The life of a “No-I’m-not-a-Nerd” ..or let’s just not call it a life
“How do you keep yourself entertained?”
“Uhhh, by tweeting, facebooking, in short, social networking.”
“You don’t have a life! I mean come ‘on you call it a life?” That’s freaking nothing but a waste of life. You must be doing something productive instead.”
“Err, like what?”
“Scan all your papers and covert them to PDF”
“Learn Linux command”
“Learn C++ programming”
“What on earth does this See plus plus mean?” O.o
“It’s a programming lingo, you stupid head!”
“Oh, so why not let “minus” give a chance as well. What’s the point in repeating “plus”. Hey “minus” has got feelings too, Ok? Make it C-+” (I respect ‘people’s’ feelings. I’m sweet like that)
“Arghhhhhh! Or, better yet, go check out my web "
“Holy moly, Sheldon much?”
^that’s a common colloquy, I’m afraid I’m very likely gonna be having with a nerd, someday. I even had to Google those nerd terms, I’m dumb like that. I’m seriously a bit perplexed. Am I the one who’s lacking life? Are nerds living it to the fullest? *bewildered expressions* I can never imagine sitting myself in front of a computer screen, reading symbols like *00>eyur or whatever they write it like. I mean come one, make your life easier. Live like a human! Speak human, read human, STAY HUMAN! Leave that nerd stuff for people like Bill Gates & Newton, they were meant to be into that stuff. You are a normal human being, with a family, brothers, sisters & your friends. This is called a life. Ok tell me something, how do you spend your weekend? Partying at C++’s house or what? Come ‘on my nerdy brothas & sistas! Don’t make your life miserable. Live it up. Make some friends. Hang out with them. Do some crazy stuff (NO!! You son of a Sheldonn!!! That doesn’t include making a solar charge controller or something) Like dine somewhere or party or whatever you’d like to call it. Just make it anti-nerd.
Oh & I have also even seen some “social networking nerds” using Facebook & Twitter for their geeky purposes & I gotta tell you, Maayyynnn! People love’em! They got hell lot ‘a “likes” & “followers”, respectively. Well that makes me wonder a lot more about “Am I useless?”

“Am I dumb?”
*eyes sparkle with tears*
”Am I stupid enough to sit with a bunch of geeks & zone out after a mere time period of 10 seconds”
*bursts into tears*

Now I know why my mum compares with that next door neighbor. Like, ohhkayyyy, go adopt him or something. You’re totally not appreciating the value of this one hell of a child you’re blessed with. :( *emotional extortion*
Oh but btw heyyyy, Sheldon is a nice geek! :) Why? hmmm… probe required!
P.S. Hey nerds, at least your nerd talk made me create a meme! Check it out.

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