Monday, May 14, 2012

It’s Mother’s Day!! (Yet Another Day Skillfully Saved By Mom Herself)

I know how they say, there shouldn’t be only one day reserved for showing your mother that she does exist and that mothers should be loved all year around and stuff like that.
But I say.. Heyyyy! I love my mum every single day of the year but how about making this one day super duper extra special for her.
How much time do you spend with your mum, telling her how blessed you feel, having her around? Not a lot, I’m guessing, considering the very fact that you’re staring at your computer screen right now instead of spending this time with your mom. So why not let’s just make this one day maybe a bit more extra special for her.
 My day started with a huge hug and suuuuuper pecks on my mum’s cheeks. :) Which I do almost everyday. But today she felt extra special which is an amazing feeling I tell you. Hey, if you still haven’t given your mum a big grand hug followed by a perfect kiss, Stop reading this & go do it now!
Whenever you think of making a day special for someone, the first thing that comes in your mind is FOOD, right? No? Uhh, Well okay I guess those kind’a thoughts dwell inside my mind only. I considered I should make something yummy & sweet because, you know, in my thesaurus, dessert is another word for celebration. (How pensive of me, eh? I mean, oh come on! Who could ever think of making a dessert for their mum on mother’s day? An unquestionably innovative idea! *pats herself*) Well bringing some practicality to my thoughts, I stood up, dragged myself into the kitchen and made some yummaaay trifle for her (which I kinda ate all by myself) Mum ate that too. She actually loved & ‘cherished’ that trifle. *feeling adored*. For the evening feed, I baked some brownies for her that err, well.. uh.. actually got burnt. I know I know. How embarassing, right? But who could come to the rescue at that moment. That’s right, AMMI!!! I knew mum was the only person who could make it right. So I called her and apprised her of the situation.
She saved the brownies.
My saviour<3
She actually made them look & taste EDIBLE, by doing some kind of magic. I don’t know, she’s a wizard I guess. MOM SAVED THE MOTHER’S DAY! *sheepish grimace*
Oh well…
Those brownies were delish! I ate those too. :P
Nonetheless, my mum felt loved. :) & that’s what matters most.
A little message for my Ammi. :D
I just can’t thank you enough for making it right ,Every.Single.Time!
I love you to infinity & beyond!
P.s. Next time, I’m gonna make you the PERFECT brownies ever.*takes pledge*
The very famous TV channel, GEO celebrated the mother’s week by telecasting a special “mother’s day” drama every night. My mom watched all of those DEPRESSING AS HELL dramas everyday and trust me, after watching  every single “mother’s day special” drama she felt down in the dumps. Stupid TV channels. Why do they always have to show an insubordinate child and a mum who passes away at the end of every story. Why can’t they end it in a happier way. Well, Ammi! just so you know, I’m never gonna be one of those sick children you watched in those sickening dramas.
I’m never gonna ditch you. NEVER EVER! You have my word<3

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