Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Monotonous Overcasted Hours Of My Life

9:30 P.M, the world is drenched in darkness, everything so still, motionless, omni-quiet & I’m sitting in a corner, seriously annoyed over wapda’s unendurable action. Yes, you guessed it right, I’m talking about the power cut sufferance. How do you spend your time when this time of crisis collapses on you? I go stationary. Exasperated, my mind goes and my soul goes irritable, defenseless, grouchy and gets exposed to even a wee bit of annoyance. My sisters are spending their time talking and gossiping with each other, which actually is a way to keep themselves from using their phones, hence trying to save their phones’ batteries because that’s what any sagacious, concerned about their phones, Pakistani would do, as we have no idea when’s the power going to come back. I’m lucky enough to have 38% battery left in my laptop that’s allowing me to type down what my frustrated brains are commanding me. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write. Write until the battery passes out and leaves me super annoyed.
My sister just cursed Zardari.
Summer’s unannounced load shedding season starts today. We were blessed enough to be imprecated with the announced load shedding only but today, the unannounced load shedding is also entrenched upon our distressed lives. My poor being is experiencing power cut since 6 o’clock. My phone’s battery is almost dead so I can’t use it. Laptop battery is just going to last for a good twenty minutes and my life, in a nut shell, is literally over. I just realized that I’m sitting in the same spot for the past 4 hours. These 4 hours, oh I’m never going to get back in anyway. What a life, ahh! As I’m writing this, I pity myself for having such a pitiful life. I must complete this when the power comes back, for now the laptop needs to hibernate.
(The Next Day)
So the power came back at 12:15 A.M, I was in no mood to turn on my laptop at that time. I delighted myself with a good night’s sleep in an air conditioned room. Yes I must show off after receiving the continuous seven hour-ed long misery. I think I should hit the roads and join the hooligans against this power outage crisis. Hmmm, I should seriously think about that as there’s really nothing else to do with my life during those dreary hours of blackness.
For now, enjoy my ‘keep calm’ poster:

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