Friday, June 29, 2012

Hi! I'm A Cat. Meow.

I have a horrible attention span. Or maybe I just try to over stuff by brain cells with random futile happenings. My memory is not horrible though. I can still recall some of the events from my babyhood. When I tell my family about how I still remember some of those episodes from when I was just a toddler, they laugh at me and mock me and say I make up stuff. I still remember the time when I was just 2, sitting down on the floor of my grand ma’s living room, eating lunch with my family when I suddenly got up with a piece of roti in my hand, headed towards the door that opened to the porch, sat down there and started making little crumbs of that roti to feed the line of ants that was passing along the doorline. My mom got so excited seeing me doing this act that she wasted no time, grabbed a camera and snapped my picture at that very instant.

I don’t really remember the part where my mom gets excited, though.

This picture, however, I suppose, is an alibi of her excitement.

Give your eye retinas a try, But you won't find the ant line in this pic. 

I have a horrible attention span, I forgot what I was going to write about.

Do you remember those cameras that needed a film reel to be put inside it? Ahh! Good ol’ days. That film had to go for developing and we had to experience the wait before seeing the results of our immature photography. The excitement coming along with those developed photos used to be immense. I miss those times. Even though this digital camera stuff has made our lives a lot easier, still it can't seem to level up with the charm our old film reel cameras used to bring about.

I have an attention deficit disorder, this is not what I was going to write about in this post.

Threading a needle is not an easy task, on the other hand. I just threaded a needle for my mom. It requires massive skills and the accomplishment brings along a great deal of pleasure. I still can’t tie a knot at the end of the thread though. I just twist the two ends of the thread together and then twist them again and keep on doing it until it forms, what I would like to call it, a knot.

I am predominantly hyperactive-impulsive. This actually means that I have a very short attention span.

Today marks the end of my driving lessons. I can now take my friends out for drive, burn rubbers on the road with the windows down while blasting P!ATD at maximum volume.

That actually would not happen. Let’s just call it one of my loud reveries.

My attention span is… Got it? Yeah.

On my way to the academy today, I saw Sam Winchester, in shalwar qameez, sauntering on the road. I was about to shriek out in excitement only before I took a closer look upon him and concluded that he was actually a mirror image of Sam Winchester. A Pathan dude, I’m certain, he was. I strongly believe there’s an ancestral link between Pathans and American/English people. Blond hair, fair skin, colored eyes. It must be about two families who got parted back in the time and moved to the opposite ends of the world after separation, originating Pathans in the east and Americans/English in the west.

Ok that was stupid, or maybe I’m right?

My attention span is even shorter than an ant’s eye.

Friday is one blessed day of the week. While I was heading back home, I saw rows of namazis stretching out on the road from the masjid, as the great crowd of namazis was getting the masjid short on space. The view made me so proud. I was absorbed in an undefined happiness when I saw those guys reading namaz in the scorching sun without even any shade upon their heads to protect them from the maddening heat.

Also, almost every other guy was wearing a cap, for it was Jumma today and they all looked so clean and orderly and crescent fresh in nicely pressed shalwar qameez. It looked like they were wearing a Jumma uniform.

See, that’s how easily I can get distracted. This too, is not what I was going to write about.

I still think there is a tinge of rightness about that Pathan ancestral history hypothesis I’ve proposed above, though.

I have an attention span of a…. hey, I love fireworks!!


  1. Haha, I was totally looking for ants in the picture, and then I read your caption :P

    Congrats on finishing your driving lessons :D

    Yess! I've always thought that pathans look a lot like americans/english people.

    After reading this post I just have one question: what WERE you going to write about? :P

    Love your blog, definitely following :D

  2. Lol, the ant line is so not visible in that pic. :P
    & Thank youuu, I'm still waiting to get my permit. ^_^
    & well, great minds think alike. ;)
    Oh & in all honesty, I seriously have no idea what were I going to write about. :$

    & Thank youuu once again, You deserve a cupcake! <3

  3. Threading a needle is not half as difficult as sewing a button on shirt. Zakhmi fingers from last night. :|

    P.S. Cute baby picture.:)
    P.P.S. Interesting blog.
    P.P.P.S. Since you love fireworks, you might also like the last half of this video. First half is kinda boring.

    1. haha, awwh, I hope you feel better soon.

      Thanks heaps for liking the picture and the blog. :D
      Oh & LOVELY fireworks!!!!!!!!! I didn't find it boring at all. Loved it. Totally captivating. Thanks a lot for the link. :)

  4. ohhh i just reAlized k i love the reeel camera , but not when they were en-rogue though

    1. Yeah, because digital camera craze had so badly set in at that time. I miss those times, kinda.