Monday, June 18, 2012

How do I Spell Love? D.A.D!

I may not be very good at expressing my feelings considering keeping them inside is what I usually do. But I’m well aware of the fact that keeping your feelings stored down deep inside the pits are worth nothing. So here I am trying to write down my feelings for the man whose love is never going to die for me no matter what. This piece of writing is actually a way to convey my love to my dad, on father’s day, who doesn’t really believe in these specially-specified-days, as he made me aware of this fact when I wished him a happy Father’s Day this morning.
I’m pretty sure my dad knows how much I love him though. Even the word ‘love’ isn’t enough to show my feelings for him. I can write a cliché essay for him saying “My dad is the greatest dad in the world” but that just won’t do justice to his glorious, credible, considerate, diligent, hard working, charming, witty, conceivable, super duper mega epic ultra FINE personality. I know I’m missing out on a lot of adjectives up there.
I have a very close relation with my dad. I can share EVERYTHING with him. He has the power to become a brother whenever I feel like sharing that ‘brother-moment’ with him. He can turn into a best friend whenever I feel like sharing my thoughts with him. If I’d sacrifice my life for him, even that wouldn’t be equal to what he has done for me. I owe him eternity.
I’m proud of my dad, a self made personality. He lost his parents at a young age. He then studied, found a job for him, lived on a petty pocket money that he used to get from his elder brother back in the days, worked super hard and now he is proudly established enough to run his proud family with a proper spot in the society.
It’s not like this special day aroused my sentiments for him. I just feel like I don’t give him even half of the quarter of credit for how blessed he makes me feel. Surrendering to my every stubborn demands, absorbing my annoying talks and doing his very best to provide me with my untimely, stupid demands is what his day starts for. He wakes up in the morning, kicks off his day trying to make us happy and hits the bed at night, lullabying to the thoughts of how to keep us happy when he wakes up the next day.
Making me happy is what he’s trying to do from the day he held me in his hands for the very first time till now. I’ve only grown taller. I’m still a kid to him. He might deny this but I know he still feels so possessive about me. My siblings think he loves me more than them. Call me self centered, but it actually makes me feel so good. But that’s just a natural phenomenon, almost everyone I know says they’ve got this special affection towards their youngest child, so does he.
And well that was just about me, he has to deal with my three more annoying sisters as well, during the day. It won’t be wrong if I’d call him a blessing in disguise.
This is just a way of moulding my feelings into an article because I don’t think I can share all of those feelings with him in one go, considering how prone I am to a low attention span when it comes to sharing my thoughts.
He is not like those typical dads, who only go to work and come back home with hands full of grocery bags. He’s much more than that. I swear he’s more talented than half of the M.B.B.S doctors we have in our city and he’s not even a doctor dad, he’s an M.Com dad. Genius is the word that would love to sit beside his name.
Charisma, well that’s the word coined for him. His personality is flooded with the self contained charm. That’s not only my contemplation, those are the words, every other person who has met him, would agree me on.
He used to be a proper heart throb among girls of his time *winks* and well oh well, not only the retro hunk lad he is, the advancement of years has done good to him. Super good looks with immense personality are his very distinct traits.
When I’d make my dad read this, I know all he’s going to do is laugh and say, “that’s mere buttering, what’s your next demand, you didn’t have to do all this to get your demands accepted” but seriously dad, I love you and everything that’s been composed above has come straight from those cardiovascular muscles of mine. (Thanks for making me study Biology)
Happy Father’s Day<3

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