Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Hot. Oh-so-hot!

Mr. Sun! Could you please try to contain your hotness?

It is so HOT! I’d probably catch fire from this heat.
It is so hot that if I were a laptop’s battery, I would overheat and stop working.
It is so freaking hot that if I were water, I would evaporate up in the sky.
It is so hot that if I were an egg, I would hatch out.

If this weather were a food, people would spend forever blowing on it before it was palatable enough to eat.
..And if it were an oven, you could practically bake burn a cake in it.

Ok, this is getting lame. Basically, I’m whining and I got a pretty good reason behind my whiny jabber.
The heat is so insanely, outrageously wild therefore I must whine!

This heat looks like it has come all the way from the sun with only one goal; to make all the earthlings pass out with its hotness. Although its mission-swoon-the-Homo sapiens is going pretty well, still, somehow, I’m conscious and surviving with just enough level of energy that is allowing me to type my whiney yap out.
This is the sort of heat that makes a foodie, like me, want to avoid lunches and dinners and breakfasts. Why? You may ask.. Because steaming hot food in stifling hot weather is definitely a turn off for my appetite. Even then, I did not miss my breakfast today and although this same weather-effected unappealing sensation did make me utter this announcement in front of my family that I would not be seen at the lunch table today, even then I was found there. Why? You may ask.. Because I cannot skip my meals. Yes I’m sure it definitely would help you get an excellent idea about my veracious personality. (Ok, don’t get confused, that was sarcasm!) I’m also, most certainly, to be seen at the dinner table tonight, gobbling up my dinner and whining out my weather stricken rant.

My god, it is thermometer-bursting-and-mercury-spilling-out-of-it HOT!

This is the kind of heat that made me want to grab a nail polish remover for my black painted toenails as somehow 46 degrees of heat made that black color look extremely displeasing to my eye.
It’s that weather when you want to follow only one hairdo throughout the season. The bun! And, if you are gifted with the slightest ability of perception, you must have, most definitely, understood at once that I’m not talking about the glamorous bun here. This kind of bun means gathering all of your hair into a super high ponytail and then doing some twisting and swirling until it forms a bun.

Guys are so lucky. Less hair, less fuss!! And if they are bald, that’s even more of a blessing for them. No hair, absolutely no fuss!!

Even the fan above my head isn’t helping much. It only helps in swishing your dupatta and whirling your hair. And that pretty much seems to be its purpose.

Basically this is the sort of weather that drenches you in sweat and you look like a wreck. A weather-stricken wreck. Or a labor that comes home after a long tiring day of manual work.

Dad’s getting UPS installed in our house as the load shedding hours have gone insanely crazy. I didn’t know what this acronym stood for so I looked up for it on Google. Lesson of the day! UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply.

This is actually not true, the power supply does get interrupted when the battery discharges out completely.

I’m living among a misleading throng of liars.

Oh and by the way, the weather is so hot that if it were a guy, I would undeniably fall head over heels for him.


  1. You are really funny.
    Last part was the best :P
    It really is hot. :/

    1. I'm practically burning out here and you think it's funny? :P

  2. It's Of course hot, but seriously The Max It Gets Is 47 or 48. :P It's So Hot That I Took My PC Table To An AC Room And Made It My Room. Now I Enjoy In AC All day. :P
    +Apne Abu Ko Kaho Ke Generator Lein, Light To Ati Nahin Hai UPS Charge Kis Pe Karo Gi?
    & I Have The Same Problem, The Foodie Problem *cries* But I Still Eat Food As Much As I Breathe. You Said Right, I Had Very Long Hair But Now I'm Bald. :P Okay, Not Really Bald As I Shaved Em One Month Ago. I'm Gonna Grow My Hair Again Until Next Two Years Now. ;)

    Actually Don't Worry, Rain Season Gonna Come In A Few Disease Ridden Days. :) & Then We'll Be Happy. :D

  3. Ab to UPS install hogya hai. Too late. :P
    & wow, you're bald, that's awesome. Seriously, considering this weather, shaving it off is the best thing to do with it.
    & yeah I hope it rains very soon. My moaning can't stop otherwise.

    1. No, I'm Not Bald. :P I Was A Few Weeks Ago. :D Now I've Planned To Grow Long Hair. ^_^

      Chalo ab aap ne UPS install karliya hai. Now Whenever It Made A Small Noise Your Heart Will Stop For A Sec, Thinking It Gonna Explode Like A Nuclear Bomb. :P

  4. Oh, well by the time you'd grow it, it'd already be winter. :D
    Oh & yeah it's always making this certain kind of noise. It's so annoying. I need to get used to it. :/

  5. It indeed is hot. I second you on everything you said up there. Guys don't even have to wear a proper clothing in times when it's burning. They are well off even in shorts :/

    1. Oh so true. A guy's life is an easy life.

  6. :-) i am in naraan this time.... i can't say anything about hotness of weather or a guy..... ;-)

    1. oh wow, thanks for making me feel even worse by mentioning Naraan. :(
      lol jk, have fun! ;)

  7. Haha.

    Despite summers, I sometimes have to wear hoodie in my house. Crazy cold due to central air-conditioning; water was dripping down the vents the other day. And then the temperature difference inside and outside gives you a bitter-sweet headache!
    Reading this may not make you feel better, but... thand ki wajah se aur kism ke ronay hain :(

    1. So you do not live in Pakistan? I know I hear that a lot from my cousins living in London. Where do you live? London? Amreeka? North pole? :P
      And I'd rather prefer thand wale ronay than garmi wale ronay. I love winters.

    2. "So you do not live in Pakistan?"
      Sadly, no.

      I love winters as well, but I do not like artificial cold.
      I am in Canada.

    3. Ok if you were in Pakistan, people would call you ungrateful. :P

  8. No hair no fuss is the best line of this blog post :P

  9. IT is super hot isn't it?
    So why am i reading your post? Your name. Yes, your name. My friend's name is Yusra and i love her!
    Gal, I like you already! ;) You've got this awesome energy in your posts that is super contagious :D

    View my blog, cuz you shouldn't be missing out on cool stuff ;)

    1. haha, Awwh thank you. :D Checking out your blog right away! :)

  10. God, hot-ness prevails here too ;)