Sunday, February 9, 2014

Must You Speak?

Let's just not speak, today. Let's just sit here, quietly. Let's just not say a word, not a thing. Let's just not disturb the beauty of silence, today. Let's just stare at each other and converse through our eyes. The silence has so much to say. Why do you not let it speak? It has so much to share. Why do you make it hard on yourself to hear? I want to make it easy for the silence to speak, before it explodes. I want the silence to speak through our eyes. The eyes have so much to tell. I want them to let it all out, today. So sit across me. I swear, I won't say a thing. I'll just stare into your eyes. I'll make a bridge between the two pairs of eyes and would start a journey that would take me to your soul, through your eyes. I would step into the vista of your sight. I would see colors, and patterns, and shapes. I'll see mysteries, and stories, and feelings. I'll see everything that dwells in your eyes. Don't say a word, it will destroy the stillness. Don't speak, it would break the bridge. Let me see the vastness, the void, the abyss that lies in your eyes. Let me silently talk to the emotions. Let me swim in the tears. Let me see how they determine to come out as the tears of happiness or sadness. Let me figure out what goes on inside. Let me make your eyes my soul's acquaintance, today. Let's just swallow our tongues. Let's just not speak, for goodness sake! Voices seem like a deafening sound to me. Whispers sound like a scream to me. So just let the calmness of silence engulf me. Let me swim in the ocean of your eyes. Let me be the vision of your sight, today. Let me explore them through the silence of our souls. Let me travel the universe you hold in your eyes. Let me see in your eyes, the constellations, that one beautiful brightest star that stands out, the planets, the galaxies. Let me in, just once. Let me in, so I can look through your eyes. I could stare at them unless I get to complete my journey. This journey would be divine, it would be sensational. This journey, I wouldn't want to miss for the world. Let me venture on this journey, today. I don't want you to speak. Just let today be the eyes, only. Let today be silent.
Let today be silent.

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  1. Look into the eyes, and hear what I'm saying. For my eyes speaks louder than my voice ever will!