Friday, May 15, 2015

Dear Zara!

Thank you for having a heart of gold. That’s what I came up with while writing the first line of this note for you. Zara! You have no idea how grateful I am for having a friend like you. Unlike others, you never said what I wanted to hear but always told me what was right. I’ve never had a friend who gave me such sincere advices. Thank you for restoring my belief that real people do exist. Thank you for being real. You’ve made my spirits lift higher so many times and it makes me ever thankful for the friendship we share. Thank you, dear Zara, for making the university bearable for me. If it weren’t for you, Aysha, and the library, it would have been a 100 times harder for me to survive at that place. You are a great human being, Zara, and I’m proud to call you my friend. I can even proudly flaunt you off, telling people that you are my friend. I’m amazed that we have people like you in this world. You should know that you have a beautiful mind and it contains so many comforting and sincere words that can become a person’s savior. Two years and a few months of bonding and an everlasting sweetness and sincerity is what you gave to me, Zara! You know you are my kind of person, right? The kind of person I can actually talk to without worrying about getting to hear the things that my mind won’t accept. You should be grateful for the maturity you carry in your head to handle things.
Your parents have raised one wonderful daughter, Zara! And I am thankful to them and to Allah for presenting you to me. All of my good wishes are for you.
From the scrumptious food to the words of wisdom, thank you for everything!
And a very, very happy birthday to you!
May you enjoy many more with your loved ones beside you.

Also, did I mention that I really, really like you?


  1. You have a great friend there. And you yourself are a good friend to her by the looks of it. Not many appreciate what friends do for them, so cheers to you too.
    Take Care. :)
    And Happy Birthday to your friend Zara. :)

  2. This is cute.
    May your friendship always flourish and you guys are blessed with happiness :)
    Happy belated birthday to your friend.


  3. awww thats cute yusra...
    she is the one who bakes really good cupcakes, i suppose :p
    Happy belated birthday zara.

    1. It's her mom who bakes stuff. She's the one marketing her delicacies.
      Thanks, Faiza!

  4. Amazing post my dear <3 !

  5. She certainly seems to be one hell of a person and you both are lucky to have found each other..
    Cheers to your friendship :)