Thursday, September 25, 2014


Have you ever watched the leaves, in the fall, swaying to the ground? Have you ever noticed the colours of autumn leaves? Have you ever seen the yellow, orange, red and brown dried autumn leaves fallen on the ground, on the grass, on the pathways? Why do people think fall is colourless? Have you ever registered how these dancing leaves look so beautiful while falling down on the ground? Even when they know they are dying, they are dancing for us. Making themselves look beautiful. I was walking amidst the trees while one leaf broke from its stem and swayed its way to the ground below, like a swing swinging back and forth all the while giving in to the force of gravity, letting itself pulled down to the ground, may or may not according to its will. Like a tear drop that comes out of the eye making its curved path until it finally drops off from the chin. The existence of these leaves is for a very short while. They live for such a small amount of time. And when comes their time of departure, they fall down onto the ground, ever so humbly, letting themselves get ready to be trampled upon by your feet. When they are up there, all green, attached to the stem, they help you let in the air that fills your hungry lungs. When they die, they let themselves be a carpet for your feet to crush them, to crush their existence into uncountable crumbs. 

And then..
A wind blows. And away it carries the tiny pieces of these crushed leaves to every which way possible, scattering them, taking them away from each other, separating the parts which were once one. United.

From the human beings to the winds, everything thing plays its own separate part in crushing, dispersing, and trying their best to vanish the existence of a leaf.
So is this a leaf’s life all about? This one leaf falling down on the ground made me wonder one thing; when does it actually live for its own self?

Maybe living for your own self isn't even an option.

Amazing how one leaf makes you think a lot.

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